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  • Improv: Same coffee, but this time (~8PM now) by accident I ended up using colder than usual water for Aeropress (I could feel the lack of heat on first sip). Surprisingly there was a more pronounced coffee-y taste (chocolate-y/ nutty) (ie. little to none of that sour/bitter crap that makes drinking coffee resemble humdrum). Maybe Water Temperature matters more than I had thought, and that it may be worth investing in a variable-temperature Kettle? Evidently, the best tasting Espresso Italien so far.
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  • 2021-09-13
    Another good cup of coffee by following lowish Water Temperature. Instead of relying on a thermometer, Iā€™m following the whistle sound commencement, and then turn off the stove, letting the water in my stovetop Kettle stabilize while I grind the coffee. Once this becomes a habit, I would not strictly need to buy a (bulky) variable-temperature measuring kettle (like the Fellow Stagg), though it would be nice to have for experimentation.