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A digital meat thermometer with probe, like this, can be used to measure the Water Temperature in real-time while it heats up on a stove-top Kettle with a steam hole 1 .

Just do not let it reach boiling temperature with the hole blocked!
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  • 2021-10-03
    Trying Inverted Method for Yirgacheffe and increased Comandante grind dial to 18 (from 15*), which lead to a more pronounced Aroma during grind incidentally – as well as increased the Brew Time from the usual 1:25 to 2:25 minutes (as well as used a Thermometer to measure Water Temperature at 185f) – and the taste is much more full flavoured than previous cups. This is an Improv, and I’ll try the inverted only going forward. Very Good taste, and and very close to Excellent cup … definitely in comparison to the last few days.
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  • Kettle

    I use this 0.5L gooseneck kettle for stove-top heating. It has a small hole on to which I insert the Thermometer probe. Once the desired Water Temperature is achieved, I either turn off the stove or turn down the heat to the minimal intensity required to keep the water at that temperature, all the while I measure and grind the beans in the Comandante.